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An exciting Artistic Wingsuit Competition that pitches teams from all over the world against each other in an aerial display of flying skills, showcasing their best to impress the judges. The competition is centered around 2 way teams with a camera flyer, or in a 2 way format without camera in the indoor tunnel format.

In the competition format there are three free rounds, and four rounds of compulsory figures, with two figures per round randomly drawn from a dive-pool with a series of loops, rolls, transitions and docks. The free rounds is where teams are invited to impress the judges and fellow wingsuit pilots with creativity and flying skills.

Teams not only score points for the number of figures shown, but also get a score for the camera work and flying style. The flying style is a crucial element in these type of wingsuit competitions, as it's what forces teams to fly their best, and not resort to normal freefall, while wearing a wingsuit. Style points are given for body position, smoothness of flying, controlled docks and forward flying speed.


Based on an idea by Costyn van Dongen and Jarno Cordia, the competition was organised for the first time in 2008 at Skydive Spa in Belgium. 8 teams of international flyers entered and made the competition to a great success. Since then the competition has seen 9 international editions, and over 20 country nationals using the same rules and format. IPC/FAI has accepted the format as an official discipline and organizes an annual world cup and world championship. The format is also in use as a format at Indoor Wingsuit Flying.



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